Free App Lets You Tether Kindle Fire To Your Android Phone

By | March 22, 2012

OK, before I start here is the disclaimer stuff: Before you do things on your phone make sure you are not doing things against your carrier’s terms of service. Now you have been warned, here is the scoop. I have been reading a lot about ways to tether your Kindle Fire to your Android phone. I have been seeing lots of people attempting this with PDANet, but not really sure if this is possible with that app on the Fire. A friend of mine downloaded PDANet the other day trying to figure this out and afterwards something popped up about an App called FoxFi. Now this is a cool little app. It does not work on the Droid 1.

Description: Enables WiFi or Bluetooth Hotspot on your Android phone without a Hotspot plan from your carrier. No rooting required! Just install and turn it on. Bluetooth mode works for all phones. WiFi mode currently works on most Samsung phones and Motorola phones. WiFi mode does NOT work on Motorola Droid 1, Triumph, Samsung Admire or any HTC phones, use Bluetooth mode instead. You can connect from any tablets or computers . Access Point is infrastructure mode with WPA2 security. FoxFi usage is covered under the same phone data plan you have.So he said hey let me show you how this works. He set up a WiFi hotspot and told me the name. I opened my Fire settings and could see the hotspot. My Kindle Fire connected in a matter of seconds. I went to a couple of web sites and it was pretty fast. So simple and easy. Awesome!!

  • JoJo

    You can not get FoxFi from the App store anymore, but you can get it from google play and it comes with PDANet. Has anyone tried this mHotspot